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Alain de Botton

The Mind's Eye. by Oliver Sacks

The Mind's Eye - Oliver Sacks Vision, as Sacks clearly shows us, is more intricate than we once thought, and so is 'blindness'. I loved his short piece on how we take peripheral vision for granted. I seemed to find the first chapters more interesting, though this might be because I am a beginner in the sciences; fascinated by the case studies and the disorders. Though the last 2 chapters give the book a sense of cohesiveness, I thought the last part was rather weak. Still, I highly enjoyed this book, which is a perfect mix of personal stories, case studies and a history of some essentials in neuroscience. Readers will have fun learning from the author's personal experience, as well as from the case studies and scientific facts he employs--something which very few doctors/scientists are able to do (Ramachandran is another, but he tends to gloss over certain things and in his interest to make things understandable, develops a slightly condescending tone). This is my first Sacks book, and I look forward to reading his other works.